Non-Conductive Antennas Pulleys


Our non-conductive pulleys solve the problem of antennas that will not fit in the available space, as is the case with many Amateur Radio and Short Wave listening antennas.  We use materials such as Delrin™  and Nylon in place of metal alloys.  This prevents unwanted effects on the RF signal and also allows the pulleys to act as insulators.

Our non-conductive pulleys are very helpful where the wire end of the antenna is tied to a counterweight, such as when a tree is used as support.  Or if the wire has to change direction and will need to move either in the wind or to be raised and lowered manually.

The RP1

For attachment to non-conducting masts/posts via wood or machine screws.

The RP2

For attachment via rope to masts/trees or even other guy lines.

*Specifications subject to change.

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The Problem

Long Antenna

Short Yard with only a tree for support.

The Solution our RP2 Pulley with a counterweight.